Useful Resources

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is Amazon’s route for you to gett published. It is here that you can set up your account, fill in bank and tax domicile details (for when the money rolls in – or dribbles in my case) and where you upload your final version of your book. Take a look at the section on The Settings For Publishing On Kindle for help with that.

Createspace is owned by Amazon and is the site that I used to create my print on demand (POD) versions of Trevor (I decided that at 200k words The Master of Carn was too big and would cost too much to print). It is also where I designed my front covers as this is a useful tool for doing this yourself.

I did try Lulu but to be honest IMHO I didn’t find it as easy to use. For example the formatting was easier, the cover creator in Createspace is much better than the equivalent provided by Lulu, and the quality of finished article was much better from Createspace. Also it does have the advantage that you can easily link your POD book to your pages in Amazon, so can sell paperback and ebook versions alongside one another.

Take a look at the section on Settings For Publishing On Kindle for help with the settings you need to upload a book.

Moonfruit is the site that I used to create my website. As I say I am a complete Luddite so it is extremely easy to use and is free, other than the cost of any domains that you use – which again can be selected and paid for through the site.

Here is the link


Smashwords describes itself as “the world’s largest distributor of indie ebooks.  We make it fast, free and easy for any author or publisher, anywhere in the world, to publish and distribute ebooks to the major retailers.”

Check out their website

MOBI is the name given to the format developed for the MobiPocket Reader. It is currently used by Amazon with a slightly different DRM scheme and called AZW. Amazon uses this extension for files created by KindleGen even though they actually have both a MOBI format and a KF8 format inside the same file.

I can’t really remember but I think that I did use this to convert my files to the correct format to load into Amazon or Smashwords originally as it is a very easy to use. Anyway if you are struggling with formatting give it a whirl. It is free.

Amazon Author Central is the place where you can create your author page on Amazon. Unfortunately you cannot create one page for and .com so you need to set yourself up in both but once this is done you can link your books to you as an author.

The UK site is
And the US is

Amazon Meet Our Authors (MOA) is where Amazon corals all of its author discussion threads. There is a policy by Amazon that authors cannot push their own work other than through the MOA pages. I have found that while it is a useful place to get comments and share frustrations with other authors, it is not a way to engage with any of your target readers after all it is hard to find and I don’t see any readers who aren’t authors contributing to the site. So to me it is of limited value.

Also it has the same issues as raised above, there are different versions for US and UK. Also any reviews that you receive on books in the UK do not automatically update to the US version and these doesn’t seem to be a way to do this manually.

Anyway despite the above I give the link for your information.

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