What this blog is about and why it might help you

I decided to create this site partly to introduce myself and my writing (but hey I have a website to do that as well – check it out via the link on the right), but mainly to enable me to share what I have learned and am learning about trying to write creatively and get myself published.

Consider this my ‘little black book’ which contains: my experiences of self-publishing via Smashwords, Amazon and Createspace, including details of formatting the text for all three – which needless to say are slightly different; my ongoing relationship with social media, which we are all being told is an essential part of the self-publishing armoury; key messages from courses and talks I have been to on creative and novel writing, and lessons learned from my own experiences; and my ‘to do list’ which outlines what I am planning to do next.

Oh and I have also included quotes that I like or which inspire me, or even ones that I have made up myself that may not be appropriate to my current work in progress, but which may make it into my work in the future. Where I know the source of the quote I will attribute it (including my own) just in case you would like to read more from the quoted book or person.

Finally, I will update the site with details of websites or people who provide information that might be of use to others on the same journey. If I have used the services I will say so, otherwise they are just provided for reference purposes and for you to use at your own discretion.

Basically I am using this as an online store of all of the above information and am happy to share this with whoever might be interested.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. If you have any comments, suggestions or questions please feel free to get involved, or if you have  your own contacts or experiences related to the things shown here, please let me know.

Good luck if you are trying to do the same as I am.

Best wishes,


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